Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1 GT-P7500 Wi-Fi, 3G, 16GB, 3MP Honeycomb Tablet PC

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Product Description

The new GALAXY Tab 10.1 offers a superlative experience with the thinnest and lightest large screen tablet available! Enjoy unmatched mobility thanks to the amazingly thin and light body. At just 565 grams and 8.6mm slim, this tablet is a breeze to handle. High definition 10.1″ display delivers excellent screen sharpness. With 1280 x 800 WXGA display boasting a pixel density of 149ppi(pixel per inch), you can enjoy better details. Movies, photos and programs with rich graphics will pop to life on the tablet s screen. Live panel : Live Panel is a customizable home screen experience, so content can be instantly accessed from the home screen including e-mail, image galleries, favorite Web sites and social network feeds. The beauty of Live Panel is tha Mini Apps : You can be more efficient and productive by utilizing the Mini Apps, which is true multitasking feature. Mini Apps allows you to easily access commonly-used features such as calendar, PenMemo, World Clock, Calculator or Task Manager close at hand – to be launched as a pop up over full screen applications. t real-time data updates, arranged as you like, are constantly refreshed to be accessed by you at any time

Product Features
10.1 TFT capacitive touch screen
Dual-core with Androids latest OS (Honeycomb)
High definition 10.1″ display delivers excellent screen sharpness
High Quality 3MP Camera
2MP Secondary Camera Rear Camera

Customer Reviews

By Daniela C. Matielo

  • Well, I have been dreaming to buy one of this for quite a while: researched, compared, did a lot of pros and cons and finally decided I would go for the Galaxy Tab. What made take the decision was: the outside design – I thought about buy Asus transformer but reviews said it was not so elegant. I was considering buying it also because of the extra battery keyboard, but friends conviced me that I would hardly need more than 9 hours of working on it. Also, I wanted a 3G gadget, which this one does wonderfully.
    There are a lot of interesting applications in the market and I am quite content with it, overall. But I must say that 1) It actually could be a bit smaller: it is bigger than a book, and that makes it difficult to hold while eating, for example (ok, you may say it is not healthy to read while having lunch, but then again, this is my review ;). 2) I do miss having more battery. Because sometimes I forget to charge it at night and find myself without battery during the day.I am happy I bought it 3G though – I was afraid it wouldn’t work with a normal SIM card but it actually worked pretty well, just out of the box. And because there are several places here that you don’t have wi-fi, it is useful to have a tablet that can connect to internet no matter where you are. I did not give it 5 stars because of my own frustation and not because of the tablet. Hope this is useful.

By J. loeffler “mayor mccheese”

  • Dec – 2011
    I love this little thing, great screen, android interface is not as good as ipad, but it works. Is not connection friendly – downloads on usb are limited by the Tabs speed. 16Gb will only let you store 4-5 movies unless you seriously downgrade them with your vid software before loading, which some may find okay. However once you want to change content you either have to plugin and do it all again for 20 minutes or transfer it blue tooth which takes even longer, or pay for an extra cable and carry around your videos on a separate USB stick.
    Not having an SD card slot ruined the great potential of this Tab. Even with the 32Gb I will probaly have the same problem. I run into the same same problem on the ipad.Next version needs an sd card.

By Zoya Kovenya

  • Good quality, had a wi-fi version before decided to upgrade for 3G.Not compatible with AT&T, only T-mobile. Flash doesn’t work.

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